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Initial Discovery Call

Chat with Rich about your marketing ideas and business goals.

  • 30 min
  • Free
  • Phone Call

It's Good to Talk

Quite simply... Lets' have a chat about your strategy. We know that you are thinking about how you can improve and market your business. More than likely at night just before bed it starts... should I focus on email marketing or Facebook ads and Google ads? What about a flyer drop? Is my customer journey flowing correctly? Am I doing the right thing on my social media channels? Am I posting the right things on social media? I wonder who my ideal target audience is? Maybe I should advertise in that local magazine? The list is endless isn't it?! Which way to turn? What to do for the best?! You are good at what you do right and hey we can't all be good at everything! You wouldn't go and replace the engine in your car.... You would use a mechanic for that so why not use an expert for marketing guidance? - You may not have a marketing strategy in place or even know where to start. - Maybe you have a strategy but also have that niggling feeling and wonder if you are doing the right thing ( usually in the middle of the night! ) You may not know exactly where to place your budget or your time when it comes to marketing tasks. - Maybe your current tasks are working for you and you would like to explore additional options for lead generation or client interaction. - Maybe you are looking to free up your time and streamline your processes to allow growth or just simply put systems in place for an easier working day! Over the last 12 months I have put together a team of specialists that work along side myself to help tackle the common struggles when it comes to modern day marketing and business strategy. During this call I will be listening to your ideas, frustrations and goals. I will make notes and after the call offer a plan of action to help you move forward in the right direction.

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